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About us

The owner at B&B Hydroponic gardens was frustrated with the lack of hydroponic equipment available in eastern Canada in the 1980s, So he set out to open one of the first retail stores specializing in indoor gardening. Throughout the years we have developed and introduced some of the most sought after products in the ind​ustry. We continue to search the world for the best available products to suit your cultivation needs.

Our relentless search for quality products led us to develop our own line of premium nutrients sold under the trade name Growing Edge Technologies. Both G.E.T. and B&B are committed to bringing you unparalleled success.

​Today we strive to provide you with unmatched expertise, valuable support, and exceptional customer service to guide you through the exciting process of starting your very own indoor garden. Stop by our retail store in Ottawa to see how you can get started or improve your current garden

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