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  • Diablo Diablo Monster Gold 4 L
  • Diablo Diablo Monster Gold 4 L

Diablo Monster Gold 4 L

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Diablo Gold is a highly refined fraction of fulvic also extracted from the leonardite that is concentrated and has proven to be a delivery vehicle into the plants because it creates mineral chelation. Chelation allows the minerals to be used up immediately. Typically Gold is used in the Flowering Phase of the plant cycle and actually is not an acid but has a higher PH composition.

Gold is an electrolyte that speeds up the absorption of nutrients into plant roots through a natural process called chelation. Low molecular weight Humic acids or Fulvic attach to immobile molecular minerals and nutrients and deliver them inside the plant tissues for quicker uptake and faster utilization. Because the food is readily available you gain amplified growth with larger yields.

If you foliar feed your plants with a nutrient spray, Gold will deliver the nutrients and minerals into the plants at an increased rate which pushes the plants metabolism to perform at an accelerated level. Gold and Black can be added into your soil as a drench or into your tank with your nutrients and will work in soil-less gardens, coco, organic soil or water culture. Gold and
Black will improve the potential of any nutrient you use and if you only remember one benefit it’s that: Gold and Black make fertilizers work more effectively and plants produce at an elevated level!

•Transports minerals into the plant
•Dissolve vitamins, coenzymes, hormones making them available.
•Very Bioactive and makes minerals mobile
•Increases pore size in roots promoting better nutrient utilization
•Stimulates plants metabolism and nutrient uptake.
•Improved yields and vigour in your crop
•Improved nutrient retention and uptake
•Stimulates beneficial microbial activity
•Increases the absorption and assimilation of nutrients and minerals.

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